Forget the pre conceived notions about Medellín. Pablo Escobar, most dangerous city in the world, etc. Those stigmas still live on, but this is certainly not the reality of the city today. Medellín has been my favorite place to visit and explore in Colombia so far. It reminds me quite a bit of Vancouver, both... Continue Reading →

Ready to hit the road

This is our last night in Bogotá. Yesterday we went for a really nice honeymoon dinner and today we spent four hours in a spa. Come tomorrow morning, we will be pedaling 90lb bikes up a mountain (or trying to anyway). Bogotá shuts down vehicle traffic on Sundays so this is the perfect day to... Continue Reading →

Arrival: Bogotá, Colombia

Liv and I had been fairly busy in the lead up to this trip. She spent the last couple of months working hard on her film 'Nite Ride' and screened it for cast and crew on November 30, just three days before we left for Colombia. A couple weeks prior to that we got married... Continue Reading →

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