Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh | 2014

When I cycled from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh in June and July of 2014, I used a Vietnamese Atlas I found to track my ride by hand. The following images show my route. Below each image I have written out my notes scribbled along the way and some additional context.

June 5 – July 13, 2014; 29 Cycle Days; 10 Rest Days

2,001km (by my count at the time of the tour, i didn’t have a odometer)

Day 1 | Hanoi – Hàng Trạm | 91km

Day 2 | Hàng Trạm – Lam Sơn | 82km

Day 3 | Lam Sơn – làng Đá | 67km

Day 4 | làng Đá – Lien Tham | 90km

Day 5 | Lien Tham – Phố Châu | 53km

Day 6 | Phố Châu – Thanh Lam | 97km

Day 7 | Thanh Lam – Son Trach | 83km

Day 8 | Son Trach – Kiến Giang | 82km

Day 9 | Kiến Giang – Dong Ha | 65km

Day 10 | Dong Ha – Hue | 71km

Day 11 | Hue – Lang Co | 64km

Day 12 | Lang Co – Da Nang | 39km

Day 13 | Da Nang – Hoi An | 29km

Day 14 | Hoi An – Kham Duc | 112km

Day 15 | Kham Duc – Dak Glei | 57km

Day 16 | Dak Glei – Pleikan | 52km

Day 17 | Pleikan – Kon Tum | 61km

Day 18 | Kon Tum – Pleiku | 47km

Day 19 | Pleiku – Ayun Pa | 92km

Day 20 | Ayun Pa – Cung Son | 83km

Day 21 | Cung Son – Dia Lanh | 77km

Day 22 | Dia Lanh – Nha Trang | 84km

Day 23 | Nha Trang – Cam Rong | 51km

Day 24 | Cam Rong – Phan Rang | 46km

Day 25 | Phan Rang – Pha Ri Cua | 73km

Day 26 | Phan Ro Cua – Phan Thiet | 72km

Day 27 | Phan Thuet – Tan Nghia | 46km

Day 28 | Tan Nghia – Long Khanh | 64km

Day 29 |Long Khanh – Ho Chi Minh City | 71km

This is the closest Google Maps version of the route I can make.

2oLWKZm - Imgur

Left Hanoi @ 10am June 5, 2014 Hanoi is so humid

ufFWLZ6 - Imgur

French and Spanish Cyclists

I wrote a note for myself on the other page: “Little did I know how rare a sight foreign cyclists would be in Vietnam. If I had, I probably would have been as excited as the French guy was.”

1K7ZDqN - Imgur

Bunh was a guy that pulled up beside me on a motorcycle with a dead pig on the back. He asked me to pull over at the next shop a few kms down the road. When I arrived, he had a small keg of bear and a basket of peanuts waiting for me. We spent a couple hours trying to have a casual chat while the village kids rode my bike around in the parking lot.

gedXpqt - Imgur

Hotel in the middle of nowhere. No running water, no toilet, only a concrete room and a wood bed.

382Gy2y - Imgur

Stopped for 3 days to explore Tu Lan cave system in Phong Nha. Hit massive rock on highway that nearly made me crash. Rock deflected and hit my foot.

hPR0Tka - Imgur

Not actually a road. Highway 9 Americans tried to stop communists forces moving south.

vZkoxwx - Imgur

Quang Tri Province the most devastated province during the Vietnam war

Visited Vin Moc tunnels

Ben Hai river separated North and South Vietnam

American lookout point 6km from demarcation line

Lots of wind very hot Spent 1 day in Dong Ha to visit DMZ

jGNmxto - Imgur

Flat tire number 1

This section of the country is quite hot 35-40C

F8rYES3 - Imgur

Easy ride to Hue, little wind and some cloud

2 day break in Hue to see the city. To go to Da Nang would have been a 120km day with the mountain passes, so decided to stop early and do the Hai Van on fresh legs.

3 relatively easy mountain passes before the big one, deo Hai Van tomorrow! 2 nights in Da Nang deo Hai Van tough go! 1:45 hr climb

tNjgU5i - Imgur

Hwy 1 is going really well actually

Traffic, but was making huge time, very fast as soon as i turned onto 14E towards the HCMH, i knew it was going to be a leg day

Started late at 9:30am Pulled into Kham Duc absolutely exhausted @ 6:30pm did not stop for lunch (stupid) 9 hours of cycling through the mountains. this is not going to be easy to get to Saigon

KxnZs80 - Imgur

Glad I didn’t do this part Toughest riding of my life. 16 hours of uphill over 2 days

OMG this section is all uphill. Well duh, you came from sea level to the mountains!! This was terrible.

Had to walk the bike a few kms as well. 60km took 7 hours

Mistake going into the mountains? Nicest Town in Vietnam – Dak Glei

Wbb2kZs - Imgur

Rain and cool temps

Very comfortable temperatures in the mountains except it is the rainy season so it rains in the afternoons.

The road does not exist here

Flat tire number 2 (Had to convince a local to give me a ride into town to go buy a new tube and tire then give me a ride back to my bike where he replaced both for me because we were in the middle of nowhere)

ndzmrrQ - Imgur

All uphill

A lot of this road is under repair or full of potholes

OHbHS89 - Imgur

This is a terrible road

Brand new asphalt interspersed with no asphalt! What a novel idea!

hQ7aTYO - Imgur

Buan Thu

I stopped here to fill up my water bottles and was invited into a home by a man. There was a woman who was the mans sister and she had a daughter. They brought out watermelon, coffee, tea and made me two sandwiches. Woman: Won; Girl: NaHa

Lam – Tuy Hon 358km on Hwy 1 Trip to HCM will be 500km+ So about 150km of additional riding

Nice little villages w/ irrigation

12km Mountain pass in 40C sunshine @ 12:00 (is) torture

Fishing Village

iGuqzfj - Imgur

Nha Trang – Full of Russians (Direct flight from Moscow)

Spent 1 day relaxing at Best Western Weather here is surprisingly mild

Do Hwy 1 here south

m8Nikm7 - Imgur

Holy windy batman

8 hours to do 73km on flat ground. If I were going north, could probably have covered that distance in 3 hours (a question to myself)

To Hue on Hwy 1 or further to Vung Tau (guess I chose the wrong route)

1yUcXZd - Imgur

NZ Cyclists

Dirtiest hotel I’ve ever been in

No power in hotel in morning 😦

Fresh sea shells

Unfortunately a grind now.

Not very scenic last 400km, just tough going

37SWP6s - Imgur

First major crash (Was trying to reach the map on my phone while it was raining and I was riding. Tire got stuck in a crack between the sidewalk and road and I went over the handlebars. Only minor cuts and scrapes, should have been wearing some gloves though.)

Made it to Ho Chi Minh and hung out for a few weeks here. Gave away the bike 😦 and continue to travel overland from Vietnam to Turkey through Central Asia. It was great, but should have biked!

2rMrf6z - Imgur

The closest route I can make in Google Maps

w11VSZk - Imgur

The bike! 1992 Schwinn Impact Pro rigid frame mountain bike purchased for $100. Found a piece of plywood on the side of the road in Hanoi that I strapped to the rear rack so I could bungee down my 30L backpack and went to the market to find some stylist panniers.

i4bkIlv - ImgurQM9z7EN - ImgurWmh4If4 - ImgurHpnDkO0 - ImgurRBV6eex - ImgurVEnyYeH - Imgur0d69mUk - Imgur06ZDCsD - Imgur1MPIh7r - ImgurkDIIJlv - Imgur

Flat tire number 1. Lucky I was in the city and there were some guys that could fix it for a couple bucks, I had no spare parts.

AnznflS - Imgur

Typical Vietnamese cuisine. Delicious.

gwxvzbW - Imgurq7C8oKV - Imgurb9YBxEV - Imgur

New tire after my second flat.

bOSgLqM - Imgur63yVeiK - Imgur

Kids trying the bike out.

cA8ZepC - ImgurxAj9Grr - Imgur

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