Tailwinds Friends

Crossing into Peru, the roads immediately got better.  No more rutted gravel and steep 20% inclines, but a paved, nice and level ride to the town of Namballe. It was a small town with a few shops and a hostel, and it was hot, but we needed the rest after the dash to the border.... Continue Reading →

The Race for Peru

We stayed longer than we expected in Cuenca. Thankfully, we rented a cozy AirBnB for a couple of weeks.Our tires had pretty much worn out after 3,000km of hard riding with a load of 15 kilograms over the last five months. Every morning we would come out to see tiny pin prick leaks where the... Continue Reading →

South of Quito

After returning from the Galapagos we headed back to Tumbaco and the Casa de Ciclista where our bikes were waiting for us. Getting back on the road after time off is always a great feeling. Hopping back on the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route, we took dirt and cobblestone roads south towards Cotopaxi and Quilotoa.... Continue Reading →


We crossed into Ecuador on February 28, just a few days before our Colombian Visas expired. We stopped in Tulcán, the town just over the border from Colombia for our first taste of Ecuador. There seemed to be a little bit more English spoken here in comparison to Colombia and the currency used is the... Continue Reading →

The last leg of Colombia

Olivia and I are almost ready to cross into Ecuador. Our Colombian Visas are up on March 3, so we're looking to cross by the end of this week. We have had to take a couple of busses to make this happen since we were so far from the border. We did cycle from Medellín... Continue Reading →


Forget the pre conceived notions about Medellín. Pablo Escobar, most dangerous city in the world, etc. Those stigmas still live on, but this is certainly not the reality of the city today. Medellín has been my favorite place to visit and explore in Colombia so far. It reminds me quite a bit of Vancouver, both... Continue Reading →

The first 750km down

It's taken a lot longer that expected. Our previous riding experience back in Canada had us doing 60-80 kilometers a day without much problem. But this isn't Canada, this is the Colombian Andes, and in the Colombian Andes we regularly eclipse 3,000m only to drop back down under 2,000m, every single day. By day 14... Continue Reading →

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