The first 750km down

It's taken a lot longer that expected. Our previous riding experience back in Canada had us doing 60-80 kilometers a day without much problem. But this isn't Canada, this is the Colombian Andes, and in the Colombian Andes we regularly eclipse 3,000m only to drop back down under 2,000m, every single day. By day 14... Continue Reading →

Chita to Cocuy: A Test

We have made our way back into the mountains following jeep tracks that criss cross the country side. Any direction we wanted to go, including going back to the main highway, would require us to summit a mountain. The road to Chita was our hardest day by far with no exception. It wasn't the most... Continue Reading →

A little bit of adversity to start…

Wouldn't be an adventure without adversity I guess. Our first day on Sunday December 9 started off well enough leaving Bogotá. Thousands of cyclists were out on the streets and we were able to join them for about 10km as we headed north through the city. After that we turned East to climb up and... Continue Reading →

Ready to hit the road

This is our last night in Bogotá. Yesterday we went for a really nice honeymoon dinner and today we spent four hours in a spa. Come tomorrow morning, we will be pedaling 90lb bikes up a mountain (or trying to anyway). Bogotá shuts down vehicle traffic on Sundays so this is the perfect day to... Continue Reading →

Arrival: Bogotá, Colombia

Liv and I had been fairly busy in the lead up to this trip. She spent the last couple of months working hard on her film 'Nite Ride' and screened it for cast and crew on November 30, just three days before we left for Colombia. A couple weeks prior to that we got married... Continue Reading →

Tools of the Trade

Today was the day to go through tools and spares.  Tools and spares are heavy, but necessary.  I have four sets of spare brake pads for each bike, which I hope is way overkill, but I freaked out after the BC trip this past summer when Olivia went through a set of new-ish pads in... Continue Reading →

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