The last leg of Colombia

Olivia and I are almost ready to cross into Ecuador. Our Colombian Visas are up on March 3, so we’re looking to cross by the end of this week. We have had to take a couple of busses to make this happen since we were so far from the border.

We did cycle from Medellín to Ibagué which was hot and humid and forced us to return to early morning cycling to beat the heat.

The red dots are places we stayed while biking through. The blue lines are buses we took along the way.

All in all we cycled over 1,700 kilometers in Colombia, mostly on dirt roads with over 27,000 meters of climbing.

It’s been such an amazing country to see, we really enjoyed our time here.

From fresh tarmac to dirt roads
A bridge over the river Samana Sur in Puente Linda.
Got stuck for a couple days in Norcasia because the only road out was closed.
Gravel grinding up up up.
Farm houses outside of Sonsón.
Tarmac into La Dorada.
Flowers outside Sonsón.
On the way to thermal pools outside Puente Linda.
The view from dirt roads.
Somewhere in Antioquia.
La Dorada is home to an air force base. As we were entering the town we could hear aircraft strafing with their guns.
Meeting point for the familiar Sunday bike ride that takes place in towns all over Colombia.
Samana Sur, Puente Linda.
Gotta love the bicycles on the road signs here.

3 thoughts on “The last leg of Colombia

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  1. Looks so lush and green! Still white and cold in this part of the world. Love to you both. Suz&Russell


  2. These blogs are the best! Everythingg you share Jeff is marvelous. Wonder if the Galapogus Islands are in your plans.


  3. Those are beautiful pics. You guys got to know Colombia much more in three months than me being there for so many years. So jealous… in a good way 🙂 Good luck in your journey to Ecuador.


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