Ready to hit the road

This is our last night in Bogotá. Yesterday we went for a really nice honeymoon dinner and today we spent four hours in a spa. Come tomorrow morning, we will be pedaling 90lb bikes up a mountain (or trying to anyway).

Bogotá shuts down vehicle traffic on Sundays so this is the perfect day to leave town. We’re hoping we can get into the country side before the cars return. We have a route up to Villa de Leyva that we will be following over the next few days and another route north of that as we make our way towards Cartagena.

We’re hoping to ease into cycling over the next couple weeks by doing some shorter days to get used to everything, but those short days really depend on where you can find a place to sleep.

I’m sure we will get Wi-Fi here and there so we will try to update when we can!

I’ll be uploading our route to Strava as well and be sure to keep tabs on our GPS location.

Wish us luck! Adventure awaits!

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  1. How’s that going for you cycling uphill in 90lb bikes? Just in case you’re still not quite at the top. What did you nosh on during your honeymoon dinner?


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