Tools of the Trade

Today was the day to go through tools and spares.  Tools and spares are heavy, but necessary.  I have four sets of spare brake pads for each bike, which I hope is way overkill, but I freaked out after the BC trip this past summer when Olivia went through a set of new-ish pads in... Continue Reading →

First Aid First

Things are slowly starting to come together.  I ordered a few waterproof pouches for items such as maps, to put our cell phones in if we get caught in a down pour, and for our first aid kit.  The waterproof pouches I had been using are made by aLOKSAK, but the closure systems had long... Continue Reading →

The New Stratton Delany

It's November and I have a lot to do!  I'm getting married in a week and a half and then jet setting off to Colombia for the start of a South American adventure with my partner. Our plan is to take our bicycles with us, build them when we get to our AirBNB in Bogota,... Continue Reading →

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