The New Stratton Delany

It’s November and I have a lot to do!  I’m getting married in a week and a half and then jet setting off to Colombia for the start of a South American adventure with my partner.

Our plan is to take our bicycles with us, build them when we get to our AirBNB in Bogota, and then ride them wherever we want.

We have an idea of the route, and an idea of some of the stops we want to hit along the way, but the majority of it will be made up as we go.  We want to see out back roads, stay away from vehicle traffic and get up in the mountains where the fun is and the mosquitos are not.

There are about three weeks until we leave Canada behind.  We have to get married, throw a party, sell a bunch of stuff, box everything up, move it to storage and work on our Spanish.  I’ll let you know how things are going with blog posts to this website.  Don’t worry if you don’t hear from off as often as you would like, we don’t expect to have WiFi all the time.  We will be doing a lot of camping along the way and plan to be in a lot of remote places!

You can check on our progress here, we have a Satellite GPS device that should update our location when we use it.

In the coming days leading up to leaving, I will probably post a bit about what we are taking with us and have some gear lists as we begin to finalize items.  I’m hoping this information may be useful to those looking to undertake similar adventures in the future, but it also serves a good platform to get myself organized.

Additionally, you may have noticed I’ve done a bit of redesigning of the site.  All of the previous content is now available from the drop down menu at the top of the page.  I created menus for my videos, travels and routes so they are all easily accessible which leaves a bunch of empty space on the main page of the site.

I plan to use the homepage of this site as my day to day blog for South America.  We will see how it goes and things will be organized as best as I can on the road.  Hope you enjoy.

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